Terms & Procedures - Boarding at Smitty’s Kennels  631-345-0000
· HOURS OF OPERATION: We are OPEN from 8 AM until 11 AM 365 days/year. We are Closed from 11AM till 5 PM, and we are OPEN again from 5 PM until 7 PM (Try to arrive before 6PM): Except CLOSED SAT PM and holiday PM. (These hours apply to pick-up, drop-off and inspection tours). Off hours for pickup and drop-off are occasionally available.  IF we can accommodate you, there is an extra charge for this service. However, there are no appointments off hours. On holidays we are only open in the morning from 8 AM until 11 AM, we are closed in the PM on holidays: Xmas eve and Xmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, Easter day, Passover, Memorial day, Labor day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Mothers day, Fathers day, Chanukah, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, and certain other days to be announced extemporaneously.
· NO CHECKS! PAYMENT must be made on pickup in CASH, DISCOVER, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, Travelers checks or Money Orders.
· DAILY CHARGES accrue for each night the dog is in the kennel, and an extra day is charged if you drop off in the AM and pick-up in the PM.  The daily charges are always posted the website and on the waiting room wall, and vary according to the weight and age of the dog.  Oral medications are $1 per dose. Injections, sauves, or eye or ear drops, and wet meals are $3 per dose. Visits are charged as an extra day’s board. To remove your dog from the kennel, your bill must first be paid in full. To get a MONTHLY RATE  you must pay for the month in advance. Food refrigeration is $3 per meal extra.
RATES & MINIMUM CHARGES: See our main website page for minimums and rates.

VACCINATIONS are required to Board a DOG with Smitty's. You must bring up to date PROOF from your veterinarian.
#1. RABIES (Comes in 1, 2 or 3 year, R)                                    Shot record must show expiration or due dates.
#2. DISTEMPER COMBO BOOSTER  (1, 2 or 3 years, DHLPP or DA2PPL, etc.)
#3. BORDETELLA (KENNEL COUGH,KC, B)  We require Bordetella every SIX MONTHS, even if the vet says 1 year.


Cats need Distemper, Rabies and Leukemia (negative test or vaccination)
· GROOMING is available with boarding. Smitty's has a full service grooming shop. We do everything from baths, nails trimming or grinding, ear cleaning, flea dips, and fancy cuts from Poodle and Terrier clips to shave-downs of any breed.
· FLEAS are not allowed into the kennel. If your pet has fleas or the signs of fleas or ticks we will have to give him/her a flea dip upon arrival. The charge is $45 (except for large longhaired dogs, which are additional). Please DO NOT put any flea remedy/prevention on your dog less than 10 days before bringing him/her to the kennel (eg. Frontline, Advantage, etc.) By doing this we maintain a flea free kennel and your pet will not have fleas when you pick him/her up!
· SALES TAX is added to all charges.
· RESERVATIONS: If this is your first time boarding at Smitty’s we require a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee which is applied to your boarding bill. If you cancel, it's good for one year.
· DOG TRAINING AND SUPPLIES are also available. If you are interested in dog training visit our website. We carry basic dog care supplies, including chew-ables, toys, training collars & leashes, brushes, curries (for shedding) and health products.
· MISC: Left over dog food WILL NOT BE RETURNED.  Please bring only enough food for the stay. You may bring your own food if you like or we will feed your dog our food.  Please put all the food in ONE plastic shopping bag with your last name and your dog’s name on it. Please do not make daily portions in ziplocks.  Please bring No dishes and No dog crates. Please keep all dogs on leash at all times on Smitty’s property and cats confined to carriers. (We can loan you a cat carrier if you need one)
· We supply a carpet for your dog to lie on, but you can bring your own blanket or bed or toys and treats. We cannot guarantee the return or condition of anything you leave with us. We try our best to return everything but occasionally items do get lost or destroyed.
FINAL CHECK BEFORE LEAVING FOR KENNEL: Be sure to bring PROOF OF SHOTS, and be sure you know our OPEN HOURS:

8AM – 11AM every day of the year.

5PM – 7 PM  EXCEPT  closed Saturday Night & closed Holiday nights. .

You may make reservations by phone, voice mail, or email.      103 Curran's Rd. - Middle Island NY   www.smittyskennel.com   (631) 345-0000Boarding@smittyskennel.com


  DIRECTIONS:      Smitty's Kennel   631-345-0000    8-11AM 7 days, and 5-7PM except Sat eves & Holiday eves.

I strongly advise you to follow MY directions, and not a GPS or MapQuest, or the like. Eastbound, take LIE Exit 66, Westbound take LIE Exit 68, no matter what your GPS says! Then follow the GPS Navigation.

From the WEST: LIE 495 Eastbound, Take Exit 66 North.  Turn left at the end of the ramp onto Rt.101 North. In about 1 mile, at the light where you have to turn, turn RIGHT (you will pass a lake on your left) and then quickly at the next light, BEAR LEFT onto Route 21 North. Continue 3 miles North on Route 21 to Route 25, Middle Country Rd (at the light with the SHELL gas station on the far left corner).  TURN RIGHT going EAST on Rt.25, Middle Country Rd. After the TOYOTA Dealer, which is on the right at the top of the hill, make the second LEFT, which is at the bottom of the hill at the "BP" gas station. If you start uphill again, past the lake, you passed it.

***Go North about 1 mile on Curran's Rd.  The road narrows and curves near the dead end. The first place on the right is SMITTY'S Kennels, 103 Curran's Road (blacktop parking lot, black chain-link fence/gates, gray and white buildings). Do not go into the second driveway which is a different Kennel, we are NOT “WagsNTails” kennels). If the gates are shut then wait outside and ring the bell ONCE, which is on the fence to the left of the gates near the sign.

From the EAST; take the LIE West to Exit 68 William Floyd Pkwy NORTH to Rt. 25 (Middle Country Rd) WEST. In about a mile or two, near the lake on your left, turn RIGHT at the "BP" gas station), if you see the TOYOTA dealer, you went to far, then follow directions as above ***.

From Port Jeff area:  Take Rt.112 South just past 347 and make the first LEFT at the light (Ski Shop/Insurance/Shopping Center) and then a short distance to the end,  and turn RIGHT onto CANAL Rd.  Stay on Canal, it merges with another road, you will bear RIGHT, then you will see the cemetery on your left, around the sharp curve,  at the next STOP sign, turn left onto WHISKY Rd. Go about 5 minutes to a Stop sign where the road ends in a "T". Turn RIGHT onto Miller Place - Yaphank Rd. In a short distance it merges (Bear Right) with Rocky Point Rd. In about 1/4 mile, after the HARDWARE store on your left, make your FIRST LEFT onto Bailey. At the first STOP sign, turn LEFT onto CURRAN'S RD. Then  *** See above

From Patchogue and South Shore:
Take Rt. 101 Sills Rd NORTH, past the LIE 495, then follow as above *** .

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